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Ice Skating Institute (ISI) - Figure Skating - About.com
ISI, Ice Skating Institute, is for recreational skaters. There are test levels and competitions that are rewarding for all participants. All skaters win medals, trophies, ...
ISIA Ice Skating Institute - Figure Skating - About.com
Ice Skating Institute, ISI, is the ice skating association that covers the needs of ice arena owners and operators, ice skating coaches, and recreational ice skaters, ...
Ice Skating Institute Open - Figure Skating - About.com
Ice Skating Institute's new Open Freestyle test and competition levels give figure skaters who want to take part in ISI competitions additional options.
Ice Skating Institute or US Figure Skating - About.com
There are two different figure skating associations in the United States: Ice Skating Institute (ISI) and US Figure Skating (USFS). What are the differences?
Ice Skating Institute (ISI) Figure Skating Tests - Beginning Ice ...
Many ice rinks in the United States use the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) figure skating test structure. This article lists the beginning ISI (Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, ...
ISI Synchronized Skaters - An Ice Skating Institute's Tot ...
ISI, Ice Skating Institute, makes it possible for beginning ice skaters to participate in synchronized skating. The most basic ISI synchronized skating competition ...
Ice Skating Institute's Synchronized Skating Programs - Figure Skating
The ISI, Ice Skating Institute, offers synchronized skating programs and synchronized skating tests for skaters of all levels, from beginning to advanced.
Understanding Figure Skating Tests and Levels
The figure skating test structure may be confusing to those new to ice skating. ... Basic Skills Test Program; other skating rinks offer Ice Skating Institute (ISI) tests.
Mohawk Combination - ISI Ice Skating Institute's Gamma Skating ...
Some ice arenas offer Ice Skating Institute (ISI) tests. Skaters receive badges after passing these skating tests. Some of ISI's test levels are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, ...
Ice Skating Competitions - What Is Competing Against the Book?
"Competing Against the Book" is a term used by Ice Skating Institute.
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