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Definition of Pair Skating: A Branch of Figure Skating
Definition of Pair Skating: Pair Skating is a variation of free skating. Two skaters, a man and a woman, or a boy and girl, skate together. The jumps, spins, and ...
The Most Famous Olympic Pair Figure Skaters - Figure Skating
British figure skater, Madge Syers, was the first Women's Olympic Figure Skating Champion. At that same Olympics, she won a bronze in the pair skating event ...
Difference Between Ice Dancing and Pair Skating - Figure Skating
This is Killian Position, one of the basic skating positions in both ice dancing and pair skating. Photo Courtesy of Ice Dance and Pair Skaters Rebekah and Joel ...
Pair Skating - Branch of Figure Skating Pair Skating
The jumps, spins, and footwork that are part of free skating occur in pair skating, and the two skaters do lifts as well as additional pair spins and throw jumps.
Pair Skating Lifts - Moves for Pairs Figure Skaters - Figure Skating
Lifts are the highlight of pair skating. There are several different types of lifts that pair skaters do. This short article lists the main lifts done by figure skaters that do  ...
What Is the Difference Between Olympic Pair Skating and Olympic ...
When ice skating fans watch Olympic figure skating events, it is common to wonder what the differences are between pair skating and ice dancing. It is obvious ...
Pair Skaters - Famous Pair Skating Teams
Read about famous pair skating teams in this section.
Twist Lift - Pair Skating Move Twist Lift - Figure Skating - About.com
A twist lift is a pair skating move. The man lifts the lady in the air and then throws her. She rotates and twists and then he catches her on the waist and assists her ...
Irina Rodnina - Three Time Olympic Pair Skating Champion
Ice Skating Legend Irina Rodnina: Irina Rodnina is the only pair skater who has won ten successive world figure skating titles and three successive Olympic ...
How to Find a Pair Skating or Ice Dance Partner - Figure Skating
This short article gives some ideas about how to go about the difficult task of finding a figure skating partner for either pair skating or ice dancing. Difficulty: N/A .
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