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Figure Skating Lessons - Ice Skating Basics - About.com
There are many moves figure skaters must master. This article includes links to lessons on falling and getting up on skates, how to stop, how to skate forward, ...
Choose an Ice Skating Coach for Skating Lessons - Figure Skating
Who your child takes private ice skating lessons from should not be decided in haste. Your private lesson instructor will be more than just a teacher: he or she ...
Beginning Ice Skating Lesson - Step-By-Step - Figure Skating
There are certain things new skaters learn in beginning ice skating lessons. This article lists and describes those things.
Figure Skating Instruction - Learn Techniques
There are many moves figure skaters must master. This section includes links to ice skating lessons. Learn how to fall and get up on skates, learn how to stop, ...
Ice Skating Lessons - Figure Skating - About.com
On the first day of class, your ice skating instructor will gather all the students in the class together. In this photo, the skaters are already on the ice, but usually ...
Ice Skating Instruction - Figure Skating - About.com
Get familiar with the different levels and qualifications of figure skating coaches and ice skating instructors. Learn about what to expect from private ice skating ...
Ice Skating Lessons - Find a Figure Skating Teacher - Private Ice ...
Another way to find a private instructor is to ask your ice rink to recommend an instructor. The rink may give you a phone number to contact a coach directly.
Ice Skate - Start to Ice Skate - Figure Skating - About.com
Getting started in figure skating is simple. Most ice arenas offer weekly group lessons that usually run from six to twelve weeks. These group lessons cover many ...
Beginner Ice Skating Lessons - What to Expect - Figure Skating
This article describes what can be expected on the first day of a group ice skating lesson series for beginners including what to wear and exercises.
Cost of Private Figure Skating Lessons - About.com
The cost of private figure skating instruction can vary, but in almost all instances, the skater must be aware that he or she must pay the rink for admission and ice ...
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