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Figure (Ice) Skating Equipment and Accessories - Figure Skating
Figure Skating requires certain equipment. Learn about figure skates, skating clothes, blades, boots, and ice skating accessories in this section.
How to Purchase Ice Skates for Figure Skating
This article will help figure skaters of all abilities decide how to purchase the correct figure skates appropriate for their age, skating level, and need.
Ice Skates - Boots and Blades - Figure Skating - About.com
Jackson Skates are a favorite for figure skaters of all levels. The price of Jackson Skates is reasonable and there are so many different models to choose from.
History of Ice Skates - Inventors - About.com
The oldest pair of ice skates known date back to about 3000 BC found at the bottom of a lake in Switzerland.
Soakers - Ice Skating Equipment Soakers - Figure Skating - About.com
Soakers are essential ice skating equipment. They are terry cloth blade covers that protect and keep figure skating blades dry.
What to Look for When Purchasing Ice Skates - Figure Skating
Inexpensive figure skates may draw some buyers, but anyone who "knows figure skating" also knows that figure skates must be purchased from stores that deal ...
How To Take Care of Your Figure Skates - Figure Skating - About.com
There are some guidelines to follow regarding the care of figure skates.
Rainbo Sports, Figure Skating Equipment Retailer
Rainbo Sports may be one of the oldest and largest retailers of figure skating equipment in the USA. The company is located in the Chicago, Illinois area, but ...
Are Rental Ice Skates Okay for Figure Skating?
Is it necessary for me to buy her a pair of ice skates? The class is called Pre- Alpha. All she is doing is skating forward, falling down, and stopping. Are the skates ...
Figure Skates New or Used? - Should a Figure Skater Purchase ...
Is it okay to purchase used figure skating boots or blades? Answer: Good used figure skates can be okay sometimes, especially if a figure skater is a beginner.
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