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Ice Dancing - Branch of Figure Skating
Learn what ice dancing is all about and how it differs from traditional figure skating.
Ice Dancing Elements and Positions for Free Dance - Figure Skating
Free dance is the most entertaining part of ice dancing. Certain moves are done by each ice dancing couple. This article will help those interested in ice dancing ...
Difference Between Ice Dancing and Pair Skating - Figure Skating
Ice dancing and pair skating look similar to ice skating fans, but the two figure skating disciplines are very different. This short article explains those differences.
How To Become an Ice Dancer - Basics and Tests - Figure Skating
Ice dancing can look easier than single or pair skating, but actually, can be more difficult. It takes quite a bit of preparation to be able to do free dance, which is ...
Solo Ice Dancing - Figure Skating - About.com
Definition: Ice dancing is defined as ballroom dancing on the ice, but unlike ballroom dancing, it is common to see figure skaters doing that figure skating ...
Ice Dancing and Pairs Skating - Figure Skating - About.com
What is ice dancing? Learn about the differences between social ice dancing and competitive ice dancing. Understand the differences between Pairs Figure ...
Compulsory Ice Dances - Figure Skating Testing and Training
Definition: Ice dancing is ballroom dancing on ice. In compulsory ice dances, skaters do set steps and patterns on the ice. They skate to a prescribed rhythm and ...
Pattern Dance - Part of Ice Dancing and Figure Skating Pattern Dance
Definition: Ice dancing is ballroom dancing on ice. In a pattern dance, skaters do set steps and patterns on the ice. They skate to a prescribed rhythm and tempo ...
What Is the Difference Between Olympic Pair Skating and Olympic ...
When ice skating fans watch Olympic figure skating events, it is common to wonder what the differences are between pair skating and ice dancing. It is obvious ...
Merits of Ice Dancing and Pairs Figure Skating
It's hard for ice skating fans to understand the differences between ice dancing and pair skating, but the two figure skating disciplines are very, very different.
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