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Beginning Ice Skating Lesson - Step-By-Step - Figure Skating
There are certain things new skaters learn in beginning ice skating lessons. This article lists and describes those things.
Figure Skating Lessons - Ice Skating Basics - About.com
A spiral or arabesque is an ice skating move done on one foot where the free leg and back are horizontal to the ice. Most new beginning figure skaters can ...
Ice Skate - Start to Ice Skate - Figure Skating - About.com
Getting started in figure skating is simple. Most ice arenas offer weekly group lessons that usually run from six to twelve weeks. These group lessons cover many ...
Beginning Ice Skating Lesson - Figure Skating - About.com
Read about the things figure skaters learn in a beginning ice skating class.
Basic Figure Skating Stops - About.com
The first stop most beginning figure skaters learn is the snowplow stop. This stop can be done with both feet or with one foot. Most new skaters favor one foot or ...
US Figure Skating's Basic Skills Program - About.com
Learn How to Ice Skate: The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program is the official learn-to-skate program for figure skating in the United States. Olympic ice  ...
Swizzles - Lesson on Forward Swizzles - Beginning Ice Skating ...
Forward swizzles are done by beginning ice skaters. Swizzles help figure skaters learn how to use their knees and edges. Swizzles also help skaters learn to ...
Figure Skating Instruction - Learn Techniques
This section includes links to ice skating lessons. ... Step-by-Step Beginning Ice Skating Lesson · Figure Skating Techniques · How to Get Started Figure Skating  ...
Become a Figure Skater - Begin to Skate - Figure Skating - About.com
Rental skates are okay to use if you just want to try out ice skating, but if you are serious about learning to figure skate, it is essential that you buy good boots and  ...
Too Old to Begin Figure Skating? - About.com
There is never an age that it is too late to begin figure skating, but to be able to ... Sadly, starting figure skating too late in life can affect an individual's goals in the ...
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