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A Short Glossary of Fun Figure Skating Terms
They also have to understand the different branches of figure skating. This article may help a reader learn some of the facts and terms related to the sport.
Swizzles - Ice Skating Term Swizzles - Figure Skating - About.com
Also Known As: In roller skating, Swizzles are called "Scissors." Some ice skating schools call swizzles "Fishes." Some rinks use the word "Sculling" when ...
Glossary of Skating Terms - Figure Skating - About.com
There are skating terms that every figure skater must know. Learn the names and meanings of the basic figure skating jumps and spins. Learn the names and ...
Mohawk Ice Skating Turn - Origin of the Figure Skating Term "Mohawk"
In Lynn Copley-Graves' book, Figure Skating History: The Evolution of Dance on Ice, the author writes the following about the origins of the ice skating term ...
Basic Figure Skating Jumps That Ice Skaters Must Know
There are certain jumps that all ice skaters learn and that figure skating fans should try to ... Glossary of Figure Skating Terms · How to Recognize Olympic Figure ...
The Figure Skating Term "Edge" - About.com
Definition: Ice skates have inside edges and outside edges. Stand with your feet parallel. Press your feet to the outside. These are outside edges. Now, press ...
Ice and Figure Skating Term Toe Pushing - About.com
When beginning ice skaters move forward or stroke forward or do forward crossovers, there is an urge to push with the toe pick. Toe pushing on figure skates is ...
Check or Checking - Figure Skating Terms Check or Checking
In figure skating, when a skater lands a jump or completes a turn, he or she checks the landing or checks the turn. Checking prevents the skater from continuing ...
Figures or Edges - Ice Skating Term Figures or Edges - Figure Skating
Examples: There is an imaginary line down the middle of a figure eight. It is called "the long axis." When skaters do edges, they must begin and end at the long ...
Moves in the Field - Figure Skating Term Moves in the Field
US Figure Skating has slowly replaced required figure tests with a series of tests called Moves in the Field Tests.
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