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Basic Figure Skating Jumps That Ice Skaters Must Know
There are certain jumps that all ice skaters learn and that figure skating fans should try to recognize.
How to Recognize Olympic Figure Skating Jumps
The triple Axel is the only triple figure skating jump that takes off from a forward outside edge. It is the most difficult of all the triple jumps, and is rewarded the ...
Toe Loop Figure Skating Jump Technique - About.com
Definition: A toe loop is a figure skating jump that is done with a toe assist. While skating backward on an outside edge, the figure skater picks with the other toe, ...
Waltz Jumps - All About the Figure Skating Move Waltz Jump
The waltz jump is usually the first "real" ice skating jump that new figure skaters learn and master. It is also fun to do. A good waltz jump will look and feel like the  ...
Figure Skating Moves - About.com
There are so many figure skating moves. Learn to name and recognize all ice skating techniques in this section.
Lutz Jump - Figure Skating Move Lutz Jump - About.com
The lutz jump must be taken off from the back outside edge and is considered a counter-rotated jump. It is very difficult to stay on a back outside edge as the ...
Flip Jump (Figure Skating): Definition and Examples
Definition: A flip jump is a figure skating move where the skater glides backward on a back inside edge, picks with the other skate, jumps a full revolution in the ...
Salchow Figure Skating Jump Definition - About.com
Definition: A salchow is a figure skating jump done from the back inside edge of one foot to the back outside edge of the other foot. A half revolution is done in ...
Waltz Jump - Figure Skating Jump Waltz Jump
A waltz jump is a figure skating jump that takes off from a forward outside edge. A half revolution is made in the air, and the ice skater lands on a back outside ...
Combinations - Figure Skating Moves Combinations
Combinations are two or more jumps in a row. A figure skating combination spin consists of two or more spin body positions done in one spin.
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