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One Foot Figure Skating Turns - Ice Skating Techniques
Every figure skating turn has a name. When a figure skater turns from forward to backward or from backward to forward on one foot, he could be doing a three ...
Basic Figure Skating Spins (Techniques and Pictures)
This article lists some of the basic ice skating spins. Many of the spins advanced figure skaters do are variations of the basic figure skating spins listed below.
Figure Skating Moves - About.com
There are so many figure skating moves. Learn to name and recognize all ice skating techniques in this section.
Three Turn - Ice Skating Move Three Turn - Figure Skating - About.com
Definition: A three turn is an ice skating move done on one foot. The skater turns from either forward to backward or backward to forward, The ice skate blade ...
Choctaws and Mohawks - Figure Skating Turns Choctaws and ...
Choctaws and mohawks are figure skating turns. Both turns are similar since the skater turns from either forward to backward or backward to forward and ...
Figure Skating Steps and Turn Sequences Footwork
The possibilities are endless. This article lists some suggested footwork sequences that can be skated by a figure skater who can do most ice skating turns and ...
Forward Left Outside Three Turn Tutorial - Figure Skating - About.com
Three turns are the first one foot figure skating turns that ice skaters learn and master. In a three turn, a figure skater's blade makes the pattern of a "3" on the ice .
Bracket - Figure Skating Turn Bracket - About.com
Brackets are considered advanced turns in figure skating, and commonly appear only in step sequences instead of as a simple means of changing direction.
Counter - Figure Skating Turn Counter - About.com
The skater stays on the inside to inside edge or outside to outside edge. ... Bracket Turn · One foot figure skating turns - By Jo Ann Schneider Farris on ...
Figure Skating Technique - About.com
Learn how to do basic beginning skating moves. Learn how to stop, jump, spin, turn, and learn other figure skating techniques.
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