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Where Do Figure Skaters Buy Figure Skating Clothes?
It is not always easy to find figure skating apparel; in fact, to those new to skating, finding skating clothing can be a mystery!
Figure Skating Dress and Clothing Suggestions
Dressing properly for skating helps most figure skaters skate better. This short article gives information on how to dress for figure skating competitions, ...
Figure Skating Clothes - About.com
Where Do You Purchase Your Figure Skating Clothes?
How Should I Dress for Ice Skating Practice? - Figure Skating
This article gives some tips on what to wear for ice skating practice.
Favorite Brands of Figure Skating Pants - About.com
In recent years, most figure skaters practice in figure skating pants (in addition to skating dresses). This article lists some of the most popular brands of of figure ...
History of Ice Skating Clothes - Figure Skating - About.com
From black ice skates and long dresses to elaborate costumes with thousands of jewels, figure skating clothes have gone through dramatic changes. Take a ...
Figure Skating Clothes Have Improved Through the Years
Once upon time, long ago, in the late 1800s and in the early part of the Twentieth Century, ordinary street clothes were worn for ice skating. As time passed ...
What to Wear - Figure Skating - About.com
Learn about practice wear for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced figure skater. Learn how to dress for competitions, exhibitions, tests, and performances.
Figure Skating Dresses for Dolls and Pets by Skating Designs
Skating Designs, a company that specializes in ice skating clothing, specializes in figure skating clothes and accessories. Figure skating dresses for dolls are ...
History of Ice Skating Clothes - Peggy Fleming's Dress - Figure Skating
Through the years, figure skating clothes have evolved and changed. Page 5.
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