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How to Choreograph Your Own Figure Skating Routine
You've worked hard on mastering a number of figure skating moves; now it's time to set a program to music.
by Figure Skating Choreographer Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown is a British and World Professional ice skating champion and a world and Olympic figure skating coach. In this article, she gives some thoughts on ...
Choreograph a Figure Skating Program - Ice Skating Choreography
Once a skating program is choreographed, a skater must practice the figure skating elements in his or her program over and over and do at least one complete ...
Choreography - Figure Skating - About.com
Ricky Harris is known in the figure skating world especially for her book, " Choreography and Style for Skaters" and for her original Ricky Harris Workshops  ...
How to Choreograph a Basic Skills Beginning Figure Skating Program
Most figure skating competitions require skaters to have a program. This article gives ideas on how to choreograph a basic skills beginning figure skating ...
Ice Skating Music - Music for Figure Skating - About.com
Skating to music is a very important part of figure skating. ... Allegro · Sonic Edge Music · How To Choreograph Your Own Figure Skating Routine · Skating Music.
Favorite Music for Ice Skating - Figure Skating - About.com
There are certain pieces of music that are the favorites of figure skaters and ice ... Choreograph a Figure Skating Program · Heather Fielding - Figure Skater and ...
Tom Dickson - Figure Skating Coach and Choreographer Tom ...
Famous Figure Skating Choreographer: Tom Dickson is considered one of the top figure skating choreographers in the world. He has won U.S. Figure Skating's  ...
Ricky Harris Figure Skating Workshops - About.com
Ricky Harris is considered by some as "the mother of choreography education for figure skating." She has combined concepts from the world of dance into figure ...
Larisa Gendernalik Figure Skating Paintings - About.com
Russian born Larisa Gendernalik is not only a figure skating coach, but the artist of impressive figure skating drawings and paintings.
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