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How to Choreograph Your Own Figure Skating Routine
You've worked hard on mastering a number of figure skating moves; now it's time to set a program to music.
by Figure Skating Choreographer Lorna Brown
Lorna Brown is a British and World Professional ice skating champion and a world and Olympic figure skating coach. In this article, she gives some thoughts on ...
Choreograph a Figure Skating Program - Ice Skating Choreography
Every skater that enters a competition or takes a figure skating test must have a choreographed program that is skated to music.
Choreography - Figure Skating - About.com
Ricky Harris is known in the figure skating world especially for her book, " Choreography and Style for Skaters" and for her original Ricky Harris Workshops  ...
How to Choreograph a Basic Skills Beginning Figure Skating Program
Most figure skating competitions require skaters to have a program. This article gives ideas on how to choreograph a basic skills beginning figure skating ...
Ice Skating Music - Music for Figure Skating - About.com
Skating to music is a very important part of figure skating. This article will help figure skaters with music selection. ... Choreography · Figure Skating Music ...
Ricky Harris Figure Skating Workshops - About.com
Ricky Harris is considered by some as "the mother of choreography education for figure skating." She has combined concepts from the world of dance into figure ...
Become a Figure Skating Ice Dance Choreographer
This article gives steps and suggestions that may help a figure skater achieve the goal and dream of becoming an ice dancing figure skating choreographer.
Tom Dickson - Figure Skating Coach and Choreographer Tom ...
Famous Figure Skating Choreographer: Tom Dickson is considered one of the top figure skating choreographers in the world. He has won U.S. Figure Skating's  ...
Favorite Music for Ice Skating - Figure Skating - About.com
There are certain pieces of music that are the favorites of figure skaters and ice skating fans. ... Sports · Figure Skating . . . Choreography · Figure Skating Music ...
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