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Top Figure Skating Coaches - About.com
Certain figure skating coaches have become very famous because they have produced some very great skaters. This section will provide links to information on ...
Successful Russian and Soviet Figure Skating Coaches
This is a list of some of the most famous and successful Russian and Soviet figure skating coaches. Some of these coaches were Russian and Soviet skating  ...
Frank Carroll - Coach of Figure Skating Champions
Frank Carroll is considered one of the best figure skating coaches in the world. Some of the famous skaters he has coached include Linda Fratianne, Michelle ...
John Nicks - Sasha Cohen's Figure Skating Coach
John Nicks is one of the top figure skating coaches in the world. His most ... He and his sister were Brighton, England's most famous skaters after World War Two .
Broadmoor Skating Club - Figure Skating - About.com
The Broadmoor Skating Club, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is one of the most famous ... Famous coaches have taught at the Broadmoor Skating Club.
Russian Figure Skating - About.com
Figure skating is one of the most popular sports in Russia and some of the ... fact that the coaching techniques that came from the Soviet figure skating "machine" ...
Memories of Figure Skaters and Coaches - Figure Skating - About.com
This section includes links and stories to memories of skaters, coaches, and other ... Gustave Lussi was one of the world's most famous figure skating coaches.
Figure Skating Competition Coaching Costs - About.com
When a figure skating coach teaches a skater at a competition, there are fees for instructing the student and for the ... Figure Skating Coach Janet Champion Coaches a Student at a Competition - Photo Courtesy of Janet ... Famous Skaters .
Figure Skating - Extra Fees for Coaching?
When a coach takes a child to an ice skating competition or event, there are fees for taking care of the student and for ... Figure Skating Coach Janet Champion Coaches a Student at a Competition - Photo Courtesy of Janet ... Famous Skaters .
Kathy Casey - World and Olympic Figure Skating Coach Kathy Casey
Kathy Casey has coached ice skating since the early 1960s. She has coached many national ... Some of Kathy Casey's Famous Students: Kathy Casey coached  ...
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