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Compulsory Ice Dances - Figure Skating Testing and Training
Definition: Ice dancing is ballroom dancing on ice. In compulsory ice dances, skaters do set steps and patterns on the ice. They skate to a prescribed rhythm and ...
Ice Dance Videos - Videos of Compulsory Ice Dances - Figure Skating
There are several different ice dances that ice dancers can learn and enjoy. This section shows videos of some of those compulsory ice dances. All the dances ...
Compulsory Ice Dance Swing Dance Video - Figure Skating - About ...
The Swing Dance is one of the first ice dances where figure skaters learn to skate together in waltz position. This is a video showing Melissa Bowman competing ...
Videos of Compulsory Ice Dances - Ice Dance Videos - Figure Skating
Videos of Compulsory Ice Dances. Figure skating must be seen and videos make it possible for ice skaters, figure skating fans, and those who like to ice skate to ...
Ice Dancing - Branch of Figure Skating
Ice Dancing is ballroom dancing on the ice. There are several compulsory ice dances that skaters can learn, master, or do with or without a partner, and enjoy.
Social Ice Dancing - Figure Skating - About.com
Everyone did the same steps to about twenty different compulsory ice dances to set patterns on an ice arena's surface. Today, the only ice dancing spectators ...
Pattern Dance - Part of Ice Dancing and Figure Skating Pattern Dance
Also Known As: In 2010, the ISU International Skating Union changed the term " compulsory dance" to "pattern dance." Examples: Most pattern ice dances ...
Kilian Video - Video of the Killian Ice Dance
"The Kilian" is a difficult and fast compulsory ice dance. Both ice dancing partners skate the entire dance in the killian partner position and both partners do the ...
Understanding Figure Skating Tests and Levels
The structure of ice dance tests and levels is slightly different since there are compulsory ice dance tests and free dance tests. There are at least three different  ...
Dutch Waltz Ice Dance Video - Figure Skating - About.com
This is a video of adult ice dancer, Melissa Bowman, competing with a partner and skating the Dutch Waltz. This is one of the many compulsory ice dances ...
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