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Beginning Ice Skating Lesson - Figure Skating - About.com
There are certain things new skaters learn in beginning ice skating lessons. This article lists and describes those things.
Figure Skating Lessons - Ice Skating Basics - About.com
There are many moves figure skaters must master. This article ... There are certain things new skaters learn in beginning ice skating lessons. Learn How to Fall ...
How to Teach Beginning Group Tot Figure Skating Lessons
A young child's first time on the ice needs to be fun, but also productive. This article gives ideas on how to teach beginning group tot figure skating lessons.
Beginning Ice Skating Lesson - Figure Skating - About.com
Read about the things figure skaters learn in a beginning ice skating class.
Ice Skate - Start to Ice Skate - Figure Skating - About.com
These group lessons cover many figure skating basics. ... How to Lace Figure Skates · Step-by-Step Beginning Ice Skating Lesson · What to Expect in a ...
What to Expect At Your First Ice Skating Lesson - Figure Skating
A Beginning Ice Skating Class - Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris ... You can purchase "official" figure skating clothes after you decide if you wish to pursue ...
The Dutch Waltz Beginning Ice Dance Figure Skating Tutorial - A ...
The Dutch Waltz is usually the first ice dance those new to figure skating learn and master.
Ice Skating Institute (ISI) Figure Skating Tests - Beginning Ice ...
Many ice rinks in the United States use the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) figure skating test structure. This article lists the beginning ISI (Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, ...
Figure Skating Technique - About.com
Learn how to do basic beginning skating moves. Learn how to stop, jump, spin, turn, and learn other figure skating techniques.
Swizzles - Lesson on Forward Swizzles - Beginning ... - Figure Skating
Forward swizzles are done by beginning ice skaters. Swizzles help figure skaters learn how to use their knees and edges. Swizzles also help skaters learn to ...
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