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I love figure skating movies. They are not always accurate, but they are fun, nevertheless.

For example, Disney's Ice Princess, came out in 2005. It is about a young teengage physics whiz who decides to work on a formula that makes figure skating jumps and spins better. She tries out her theories and not only learns to skate, but becomes a figure skating champion.

In reality, to become a figure skating champion takes years of training. Champions are not produced automatically and even if a scientific formula could make jumps and spins happen, it takes time to learn how to do figure skating basics like stroking and crossovers.

In figure skating movies, these things don't matter. Another example is the 1991 movie The Cutting Edge. It was fun to see a hockey player learn to figure skate in a matter of months and to master jumps, spins, and pair lifts.

One forgotten figure skating movie is Champions: A Love Story. It was based a bit on a real figure skating tragedy that occurred in the 1970s. A male figure skater was killed when his private plane crashed on his way to the Midwestern Figure Skating Championships. The movie took that story and made a very heartwarming story about a young pair skating team that falls in love.

There are also some wonderful and forgotten figure skating movies that were made by Olympic Champion Sonja Henie.

Do you have a favorite figure skating movie? Share about that movie in the comment section of this post.


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